Celebrity Trends ~ Taylor Swift

Photosource: People Stylewatch

Celebrity Inspired Style
Like Seen on Taylor Swift
Red Wine Suede Ankle Booties
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Sizes 4 - 8 

Celebrity Trends ~ Emma Stone

Celebrity Inspired Style
Like Seen on Emma Stone
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$69 Sizes 4-8

Photosource ~ People Stylewatch

Celebrity Trends ~ Tabitha Simmons

TABITHA SIMMONS BOOTIES photo | Cara Delevingne
Photo Source: People Stylewatch

Celebrity Inspired Style
Model Trends ~ Tabitha Simmons
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Size 4-8

Leather and Pin Stripes...

Pin stripes are sexy and chic! 

Miss Earth Chihuahua 2013, Ana Corral, wears an RB Pin Stripe , Peplum Fit, Sleeveles Tank Blouse.  We paired it off with a wide leather faux wrap belt for extra waist definition.  The black satin pencil skirt , designed by Ragazza Bazaar, features a wide sheer stripe for added sex appeal!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Shop this one of a kind look at www.ragazzabazaar.com

Maximize Your Wardrobe for Year Round Style!

Maximize your wardrobe with little essentials. A cropped poncho can add style to any look!
Styled over a sheer blouse, tank, or mini dress... the cropped poncho adds a layer of sophistication that can transcend into any season.

                                                                                               RB Model: Araceli Meza
                                                                                                Shop the RB Pin Striped Poncho                                                                                                                  www.ragazzabazaar.com