First monday in July!

Hello everyone! It is the first Monday in July! That's right July already!! Is this summer flying by for everyone else too? This month is going to be so busy for me. I have birthdays to plan, family visiting and most importantly my husband will be home from his deployment this month! Homecomings are always so stressful, this is right around the time I start to go over all the stuff I meant to accomplish while he was gone then I have to go into "turbo speed" to finish my to do list! I do this every time.  I guess I just work better under pressure.

Anyway, so how was your weekend? I had a very busy weekend, the kind of weekend that had me out and about all day. Also a very hectic and frustrating kind of weekend. I was without a phone all weekend because mine decided to die on  a Friday which meant I had to wait until today to get the replacement from the insurance. Also, I am in the process of potty training my daughter and it's been a long and tedious process with very little advancement on her part. She had several "accidents" on our couch and after lots of whining and complaining to my husband, he finally agreed to buying some new ones.

So the furniture store said they would have my couches delivered on Sunday between 12 and 4 pm. So naturally they got here at 8 pm...and they only brought the loveseat because appearantly the sofa got damaged somehow in their warehouse...ugh REALLY?!!! So now, I have this really nice love seat and an ugly sofa in my living room. Of course, the sofa is the one that needed to be replaced and that's the one I'm stuck with for atleast another week! It's so frustrating that it's almost kinda funny.

So, the thing about this weekend that really irks me now is that I totally neglected my diet and exercise
  all weekend! I made terrible eating choices and seriously had no time to even work out.  I hate having days like that but, you know it happens. Today I feel like I've come out of a food coma and I am really eager to get back on the horse.  It really is true that the what you put into your body can really make a difference on how you feel. All that junk I had all weekend tasted really good, but made me feel really sick afterwards. I felt full, bloated and sluggish. It's like I have a junk food hangover. I now really get the whole "eating for fuel" concept. I know everyone goes through days like that the important thing is to pick yourself up and keep going. Here is to the start of a bran new week, make it a good one!


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