Frida Kahlo

Today marks the 105th Birthday of FRIDA KAHLO, born on July 6, 1907.  The Mexican Artist created 103 finished pieces.  Frida displayed her thoughts on death, marriage, culture, and her infidelity.  Married to artist Diego Rivera in 1929, they shared political views and supported each others' talents. Her controversial inhibitions exhibited in her Art Work continues to raise eyebrows till this day. (no pun intended)

 In November 2002,  SALMA HAYEK took the role as Frida and reintroduced Frida's life to a modern audience.  Salma was nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD.

Actress, Director, Producer:  SALMA HAYEK 

This year in February, she attended Academy awards.
Now 42, SALMA is stunning and continues to be one of the most idolized sex symbols in Hollywood.


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