Sexy Locks in HOLLYWOOD!

 Talk about high maintenance...these famous beauties know how to flaunt their flocks. 
 Long hair can be hard to handle, but can be oh so fun!  SO many looks can be achieved.  From sleek ponytails to messy and elegant up doe's...  

*Mange your locks with conditioner.
*Use a plastic needle brush or wide comb.
*To style your curls you will need a wide 1. or 1.5 inch curling iron or hot rollers.
*You can apply mouse to your hair before you start curling your hair. (optional, can hold curl longer)
*Curl each layer by small portions at a time, the top layers will be curled outward and the lower layers will   be curled inward.
*Long bangs can be straightened with the curling iron in an outward motion or curled inward for more volume.
*For a messy look use moose and let your hair semi dry than use the 1 in. curling iron for some of the outside layers, keep the curls closer to the ends.
*You can obtain different looks depending on the size of the curling iron, curl holding the iron long ways (parallel to you body) and uncurl the strand ion the opposite direction with patience.
*Do not separate or brush the curls out!

Practice makes perfect...
and yes tearful and tiring, but oh so worth it!

Hair dryers tend frizz long hair, especially curly hair, and mouse will make it stiff.
You can semi dry with a blow dryer, leave your hair damp for better manageability.

Hot tip: By trimming your hair bimonthly (1/2 inch), you can keep it healthy and long.


 Braids, Pony tails, and Up does are the easiest to create.  Just a matter of playing with different styles...have plenty of bobby pins on hand. Make sure to have many hairbands.  Finish the look with hairspray and gel for that sleek sexy ponytail.

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