How to apply fake lashes!

Accessorize your eyes with Lashes!

Eyes are the most important feature of your face, they capture attention at first sight. 

Long eyelashes add character to your face and enhance your beauty. Some women are born with naturally long eyelashes and some dream of having long, thick lashes. But now, no matter what the occasion, you can enhance your looks by using false eyelashes. False eyelashes are a great way to enhance the shape and size of your eyes and add a sensual and attractive look. Lush eyelashes complete the eye makeup and make a gorgeous difference.

False eyelashes are natural looking and are easy to apply. There are several types of artificial eyelashes, such as full set, clumps or individual lashes. Full set lashes are easy to apply; whereas individual sets are more difficult as they require a steady hand. Here, in this article we will discuss how to apply false eyelashes in these following steps.

1. The first step in applying false eyelashes starts with cleaning the eyelids. Do not use any oil-based makeup around your eyes. Now choose the color of the lash that matches your own shade of eye lashes.

2. Before you start to apply, measure the length of your fake lash to make sure it fits the shape of your eye. Trim them properly so as to avoid drooping and to give them a more natural look.

3. Now remove the straightness of the eyelash by bending them in for few seconds to create a C shape. This will ensure that the false lash will mold to the curve of your eye.

4. Use high quality glue for long lasting results. Apply the adhesive or glue to the thin band at the base of the fake lashes and let it remain for 30 seconds to one minute. Do not use too much of glue, just apply a thin layer.

5. You can apply fake lashes with your hands also, but for more precision, use tweezers. Tweezers help you position the eyelashes correctly. Gently hold the glued false eyelashes with a tweezers and bring it close to the eyes and gently place it near to the natural eyelash. Do not apply excessive pressure as the lash may come out. Just press the ends of the false lash with your finger tips for about 30 seconds and then gradually remove your fingers. It takes precision to place the fake lashes correctly and the trickiest part is you have to do it quickly otherwise the glue will dry out.

6. Liquid eyeliner and mascara are the final steps to make sure the false eye lashes seamlessly integrate with the natural ones. Mascara application will enhance the look of your false eyelashes and will make your natural eyelashes blend perfectly with the false ones. Eyeliner helps to fill the gap, if any, between your eyelashes and the false lashes.

Extending your eyelashes and enhancing the beauty and charisma of your eyes, will glamorize your daily makeup look. By following these steps, you can apply lashes like a pro. 

This guest post was written by:  Maya Savanovich  
Representing  Elegant Lashes, one of the leading Australian businesses dedicated only to eyelash extensions which you can visit at .


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