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I am all for originality when it comes to fashion but it can be extremely difficult to achieve when the majority of the high street shops create the same collections as each other each season. We all know that fashion trends do the rounds over the years and many people tend to fall into the trap by following the herd instead of trying to stand out. People would class wearing Dr Martens, Nike Blazers or Tye Dye as being fairly original, but soon enough everybody is wearing them and the ‘original’ factor has gone. We are exposed to mass produced stores, with the main culprit being Primark, who sell fashion items across the world for everybody to share the same style and dress the same.

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When it comes to portraying your personality, originality is the key with fashion. You will find that the people who manage to achieve this successfully are the ones who rake charity shops, search vintage boutiques and shop online for garments from other countries to find truly unique fashion pieces. With everything including clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories, you can explore your style by mixing and matching basic and statement pieces.

As a bit of a jewelry junkie myself, I have a soft spot for bespoke pieces of jewelry. From antique finishes to polished silver items and everything in between, there is a type of jewelry to suit every occasion. Handmade pieces are the most appealing for me, brands such as Bibi Bijoux create a stunning collection of jewelry including earrings, bracelets and necklaces that feature extreme attention to detail and the fact each piece is handcrafted makes each piece truly special. It is a great feeling knowing that nobody else is wearing what you have. Statement pieces with plenty of embellishments and luxe are a great option to make a basic outfit much more glamorous to help you transform your look from day to night.

However you wish to style yourself, try and think outside of the box and opt for something that will really express yourself and your personality without following the crowd, this is the greatest style of all.  

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