Style your Home for the Holidays!

December Holidays are approaching! It's time to give and receive.  Our homes represent warmth and peace.  Having visits and inviting company is on an all time high. Keeping your home looking festive will inspire you to dress accordingly.

Style comes in all shapes and forms.  From the smallest accessory to the boldest trends.  The best way to keep you inspired is to decorate your home in a personalized way.

Represent from inside out.  

Much like fashion ... You can throw on anything, but will it flatter your shape, enhance your look, or feature your style?  Choose patterns, colors, and designs that suit your taste and feel comfortable to your environment.  

Start with a clean canvas.  Organize your home,and keep it accessible for your guests. Clean sheets, ordained closets, and dusted chimney counters are places to focus on.

You can keep it simple or add a little festivity to every part of your home.

Look at all your accessories form years past, it's a renewal period.  You can repair broken or cracked ornaments with super glue and add a ribbon, glitter, or a photo to enhance the quality.  If you  have an artificial tree that you use every year, the branches may begin to wither and fall off.  Use those to decorate a chimney counter or add it to a center piece.  You can cover the holes on your tree with a green garland, many styles to choose from and are relatively affordable.  Make sure to adjust the branches and rearrange the shape so that you have a unified look and then just wrap the garland evenly around the tree.

You can start to replace and reuse the glass ornaments by using them as accents.  Place them in a large bowl or glass vase with all the stems facing down.  You can add a personal touch by decorating the stem with a ribbon or lace bow.  You can use it to decorate a shelf, table, or mantle in any room. Replace your glass ornaments with plastic ones, they are inexpensive, last longer and can be easily updated.

Take your old cards and frame them for inspirational touches around your home.


Lights are not always needed, but they are so much fun.  Instead of using lights on your tree, using them to light up an indoor plant ( real or artificial) will add ambiance to the room.  I usually opt for a glow on my tree, by using white lights (one set) for an inviting and warm feel.

To lighten the mood and inspire your style wear something comfy and new! 

Snuggle up in a long sweater and leggings, paired off with some comfy boots. Enjoy your Holiday Season in RBStyle.


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