Beyonce Rocks the Super Bowl!

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photo source: Fab Sugar

 Last night Beyonce blew us all away with her spectacular performance!  From her sexy style to her amazing choreography, she is fabulously talented, as if we ever questioned it!

Rocking the stage with her HOT hits, Crazy in Love, All the Single Ladies, and showcasing her vocals with HALO.

Now, we must talk about that spectacular stage! WOW...opening with flames and a digital silhouette of her face... Beyonce multiplied right before our eyes..shaking her curves in 3D!  Mirror effects and lights galour!

Beyonce rocked the stadium so hard that a fuse blew out! Leaving the fans and athletes without power for about 20 min.  (ok. so there has not been a confirmation) Click here if you missed it and get blown away! (courtesy of NFL)

Kelly and Michelle joined her on stage for a fabulous Destiny Child reunion.
AMAZING show... leaving all of us confused when the football game resumed.  Check out the tweets....

"Can we go back to the BeyoncĂ© concert now? This  halftime show thing is really boring." 

"That was the shortest, best Beyonce concert ever. Who else will be replaying on DVR for the remainder of the game?"

 ‏@AlanHungover "Football during a Beyonce concert?"


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