Lovely, Chic, and Trendy...

 LOVELY by Monica Villasenor

Accesorios hechos 
100% Mexicano. 
Para dama y niña.  

Monica designs unique and trendy accessories with vibrant colors, patterns, and materials.

She showcased her creations at the Blue Market last November.

From chunky and braided ...

to Bright and Buttoned...

Lovely Accessories are a Fabulous way to make a statement.

Spikes and Metals

Single and ready to mingle...
Monica will be celebrating Valentine's Day with her girlfriend's.  She told us what she will be wearing...
"Para salir ese día, me pondré unos skninny jeans rojos, blusa gris, unos tacones negros altísimos (como si no bastara que mido 1.76), una bolsa negra llena de estoperoles  y obviamente, un collar de corazones de Lovely ❤"
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