Max Factor MX ~ Twitter Shout Out!

We have a fabulous virtual community and our most popular Social Network is Twitter, growing rapidly... with 460 RBStyle fans as of today.

Those of you not familiar with Twitter... It is the fastest way to connect with your favorite brands, business, and people.  Tweets are like radio ads and shout outs, but faster and direct.  If you love to will love to tweet!

As a bilingual brand, One of our fabulous Twitter followers happens to be MAX FACTOR MX, yes we are connected!

They have impressed us with their rapid and attentive customer service and have earned the Sunday Spotlight!

As an online retailer, customer service or the lack there of, is one of our major concerns.  Many companies do not reply or concern themselves with your inquiries and comments. (sadly,Twitter Co. included). We want to strive and Max Factor Mx has, not only impressed us, but has held a standard.

Recently, Max Factor Mx, send out this tweet... Stating that "InStyle Mag nominated the Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 formula foundation as the best on the market."

La revista Instyle la nominó como la mejor base líquida al Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation Max Factor 

As a respond, we congratulated them and asked if it was a full coverage makeup.
with in 24 hours, our tweet was favorited and replied not once, but twice...answering our question and THANKING us!

" ¡Muchas gracias! Este producto es una base + serum, y te protege contra los rayos UV. =)"

"@ragazzabazaar ¡Estamos para servirte!"


Gracias a Max Factor por el excellente servicio viaTwitter!
P.S. they are giving away an IPad! click here for the details

Join us on twitter @ragazzabazaar!


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