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Over the years, women have taken social media and web forums to another level.  From blogs to business, the web has opened the door to endless possibilities.  Women are now the overall presence of virtual communities, offering advice, support, and partnership to one another.  Social Media Marketing offers an array of new career paths, allowing women to be self-employed, empowered, and become part of the marketing industry.

Meet Crysti Couture a Social Media Coordinator 
for El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

Crysti started blogging in 2007, sharing her thoughts on philosophy and  politics, she made her presence strong through Facebook and Twitter.

As a social media coordinator Crysti shares news, events, and other assignments through social media and new technology.

What has been your biggest challenge and what advice would you give others about social media? 
Engagement: "I think that people want to see things that are genuinely useful to them. If you can successfully make their day brighter through an image, a story or a compliment, those people are likely to interact. In addition, people generally want very quick fulfillment so if you can provide what they need with the least amount of clicks possible, you've won yourself some fan loyalty. "

What is your social network of choice? 
"I use all social media in tandem with each other but I suppose my favorite would be Twitter. It's a forum for discussion, while at the same time being able to mix relevant information with ridiculous updates."

How do you balance your time at home with family vs the time spend online.
"Right now, I haven't exactly found a balance. I spend most of my time working on a project. On the weekends, I generally avoid my phone altogether and don't update much. "

In your opinion, how does El Paso compare to other cities on engagement through social media and what great improvements have you seen? 
"El Paso has the unique geographical placement that allows it the luxury of being (potentially) one of the most potent social media markets of the Southwest. Our social media engagement has been proven in two major ways; one being the fact that we managed to obtain the Social Media Tourism Symposium by the use of online voting and Tweeting. The other was when El Paso proved it's prowess in the Julio César Chávez-Andy Lee fight, effectively keeping the fight here." 
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