Is Selena Gomez ~ TOO HOT?

Selena is beautiful, young, talented, exotic and sexy.  
This photo was taken for ELLE in 2012, at the age of 19, she will be 21 in July.

This was the headline posted by People Mag , yesterday.....

"Goodbye, Good Girl! Selena Gomez’s Style Gets Increasingly Edgy"

Selena Gomez dresses, shoes

I want to come to the defense of this lovely starlet and although Alex Apatoff, was not hating on Selena,in his article, It annoys me to here sex appeal, confidence, and beauty, in a woman, be rated as slutty, racy, edgy, etc.   First of all, these "looks" are designer, classy, and chic! I do not see cleavage, or side streaking, or anything that would be considered "sexy", "revealing", in my opinion.  The release of "Spring Breakers" was last month..and Selena was running around in a bikini and Not too many "complaints"there, I guess that was "Man" approved.  Maybe Alex is trying to challenge Selena to be more revealing by calling her out on her"Good Girl gone Bad" Style.  In any case, she has every right to be as sexy as she wants to be and still keep her good girl image. Her actions speak louder than her style!

What should a "Good Girl" look like?  Is there such a thing?..


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