Beauty Fix: How to do a frizz-free blowout!

Beauty FixBeauty Fix: How to do a frizz-free blowout on the most humid of days and more answers to your beauty questions « "How do I make my at-home blowout frizz-free in the summer?
Something key to remember is that the environment in which you blowdry your hair has a large impact on how your hair will react to heat styling. It’s advisable to blowdry your hair in a dry environment, i.e. not the bathroom you just steamed up with your shower! Next, make sure your hair is actually completely dry when you have completed the blowout. Any damp areas are likely to react to the air temperatures around you, which seldom results in smooth strands. Always finish hair with an anti-humidity spray, such as Oribe Imperméable Anti-humidity Spray ($44, at Donato Salon & Spa), which utilizes copolymer technology to shield hair from the impact of humidity, and also contains a UV filter to protect hair."

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