False Eyelashes for all day use? ~ InStyle Feature

Photo: False lashes during the day: Yes or no? http://ow.ly/kCPf9Instyle Asked this question on FB: False Lashes all day.. yes or no.?

Reading over the comments, it seems woman love to feel sexy and beautiful, but the fuss is too much. Also the question of weather to be Natural or Overdone was a main concern.

I wore false lashes for the first time on my wedding day.  Loved the look, but hated the hassle.  It takes practice to get it perfect.

But isn't beauty a hassle all together?  From doing your hair, to makeup, to getting dressed....etc..etc.

You easily spend an hour or 2 getting ready every morning.  So why not take and extra 20 min to add some sexy to your daily routine.  Eyelashes can be an over kill if done wrong but, there are many styles to choose from. You can add single layers to the corner of your eyes for extra long whisps.  Or you can add a full length falsy and get a dramatic look.  Decide what you need and try something new.  Eyelashes make the eyes stand out... learn how!


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