The City Magazine | El Paso’s History: The Denim Days

Photograph by: Robert Corral

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 | El Paso’s History: The Denim Days:

In 1881, the introduction of railroads to El Paso made it a boom town that due to lawlessness led the city to be known as the “Six Shooter Capital.” About 100 years later, it would become a boom town due to something else entirely: blue jeans. Producing as many as two million pairs of them a week, El Paso was the blue jeans capital of the world.
Some of the biggest names in denim were Sun City sewn: Levi’s, Guess, Gap, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, JouJou, Jordache and Wrangler. At its height in 1993, it was a billion dollar industry employing around 21,000 people in the city.

But due to competitive foreign competition and the North American Free Trade Agreement, the industry has left behind nothing but old, abandoned or sincerepurposed factory buildings, more than a pocketful of memories and a few successful business people within the city limits."     Read More...

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