7 Days of Winter Style ~ Day 4

7 Days of Winter Style ~ Day 4

DIY picture frame wreath. Ahhhh I loove this!!!Keeping the warmth of home...

Through all the changes of the season keep your family close to home by adding special touches of the past years. 

 Remember that Home is where the Heart is and with that in mind, here are some ways to warm up your home with love this season. 


1.  Make a display of Holiday Past ..  IF you are like most of us, you already have an amazing collection of holiday past photography, and if you haven't already, now is the time to start a tradition.  You can make some touch ups to old frames by adding some ribbons, repainting, or replacing the frames to feature a Holiday Theme. You and your family can continue to add a photo to your collection every year, imagine how much appreciation can come to your family gatherings.

2.  Kid at Heart... during the holidays , kids tend to come home with a mound full of paper creations.  Take the time to choose one each year and make that the center piece of your holiday style.   Your children will love being the center of attention.

3.  Galleries of Cards... as our family grows so does the correspondence of love.  A fabulous way to keep your family close through the holidays is to make a gallery of holiday cards you have received through the years. You can physically make a display or scan them and share a digital library with your loved ones.

How will you display your holiday memories?

photo resource: pinterest


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