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Good Day All! I'd like to share with you my Ragazzabazaar pick of the week. This week I chose to feature the Lacy Ankle Strap Wedge. I love this shoe! It is not only super cute but also casual enough for just about any occasion. The best feature of this shoe (in my humble opinion) is the size of the heel. I know we all love high heels, but how many of us can actually wear them? I know I can't. The heel on this shoe is just high enough to make it a "dressy" sandal but low enough to keep it "casual". It's absolutely perfect! This shoe could look good paired with a dress like the Summer Short Sleeve Casual for an every day look.

Or, if you want to dress it up a little wear them with a Maxi like the Sweet Style Bohemian Floral Print Dress
Now for a little bit of a personal take on these shoes. I have a pair and I am in love! They are probably the most comfortable wedges I have ever worn. I wore them for an entire day the first day I received them and much to my surprise, no blisters no foot aches or any thing else that comes with "breaking in" new shoes. I wore mine with a pair of skinny jeans and a chiffon tank top. I am really excited about these shoes! You are going to love them!


  1. Those maxi dresses are lovely!!

  2. Thank you those are available at www.ragazzabazaar.com. Hope to hear from you soon I'll be featuring a new item every week.


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