For the Love of Shoes!

Some of us love clothes and some of us love jewelry....
but for the shoe lover...their is just not enough room in the closet to fulfill the fetish!
So here are some tips to narrowing down that craze filled taste for foot fab!

*Choose colors that are neutral or popular in your wardrobe.
*Donate shoes that you do not wear.
*Invest in a fabulous pair of black pumps that you can wear year round.

Shoe trends to keep in mind when shopping for the next fix...

PUMPS: Both Classic and Versatile... opt for Ankle bracelet pumps for modern flair.
PEEP TOES:  A great transitional shoe...from pumps to boots, a nude peep goes along way. 
NEON: Trendy and Bold ... loafers are a fabulous choice!
SPIKES n STUDS: Booties make the best statement.

Keep your shoes looking beautiful by wiping them and 
maintaining the color with polish or shine and enjoy your investment year round!


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