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We have seen a plethora of Fabulous Gowns this week...

Amy Poehler rocked the red carpet at the GGA with a tuxedo suit, accessorizing her cleavage with a tie style jeweled necklace.. she later changed into more cleavage exposing dresses... She looked amazing all night.

KIM KARDASHIAN photo | Kim Kardashian

Gowns are glamorous and beautiful, but if you need comfort and style for a Special Event, opt for a suit.

Kim Kardashian, Mom to Be, sported a tuxedo style suit, on her appearance on the Jay Leno show,  staying true to her personality with trendy checkered print booties.

Ivory, Black, and White are the popular color themes, however, make your own statement, with color and fabric.

Zoe, pictured above, designed her look with purple velvet.

Kaley, pictured below, rocks her look with glitter and dazzled fabric.

Cropped pants or extra long are the styles to have.


 Menswear Inspired Suits: Red Carpet Fashion

Invest on a jacket or blazer with tuxedo flair and throw it over a pantsuit, dress, or your favorite combination of tops and bottoms and make a statement with your own style.  Keep it simple and add your glam with accessories.  Shoes, bags, and jewelry make great fashion statements and give you options and change ups.


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