Hosting The Oscars 2013

oscars review
Seth MacFarlane hosted the Oscars 2013.. and he did a Fabulous job!  Known for his rude and obnoxious comedy style, he showed another side... demonstrating his ability to sing and his love for musicals, he shared the spotlight with Fabulous Stars. 

Seth performed "The way you look tonight" and  
Charlize Theron was stunning and graceful.   
Charlize Theron   , 
Seth included funny songs of his own, keeping his style true to Family Guy. Opening the night with a skit shared with William Shatner, they created scenerios rating his performance, predicting bad reviews.  He then changed the outcome by performing classy collaborations with celebrities.  
 Seth proved to be a Gracious Host.  

Critics have been harsh on Seth and have given him negative reviews, How do you believe he did?


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