Celebrating Girls Today...

 National Girls Day 
Today we recognize the leaders, organizations, and individuals whom support and enhance the growth of our future.

The Confidence Coalition is an alliance committed to:
  • Promoting self-confidence in girls and women by empowering them to overcome social barriers and inspiring them to reach their greatest potential
  • Providing networking opportunities for organizations, companies and individuals who build confidence in girls and women;
  • Encouraging women and girls to be engaged in their communities through active participation in organizations that serve women and girls.
Thanks to the amazing women of The Confidence Coalition for supporting the women of today and inspiring the women of tomorrow.

Our mission is to empower young Latinas through media and technology, by hosting media enrichment programs to help girls learn how to build confidence and discover their voice.

We are surrounded by women whom inspire us through their passion , work, and daily experiences.  We come across them by blog, tweet, and post. We are sharing and celebrating our followers, fans, and friends.

Angela Santomero, Author and Creator of children's programming, teaching positive family values through animation. Setting the mode for a successful education.

Yvette Yates  A Hollywood Celebrity, supporting and inspiring others through media, promoting education and success.

Tammy Lau  A Travel Blogger and Amazing Photographer.  Inspiring us to live and view the world, through photography and achieving her dreams.

Cyndi Spivey  a Fashion Blogger inspiring women to look and feel great at any age and all walks of life.

Ale Jimenez  A Fashion Designer leading the way for others in the fashion industry by organizing forums for fashion, THE BLUE MARKET.

 Additional Reading: Forbes Article on Influential Women.

For an Amazing List of Influential Women In History check out this Site!

Thank  you to all of our Moms ,Sisters and Daughters,  especially mine..
for your support and loyalty.

Who will you inspire today?


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